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IsraelClouds CXO Event

The event will be dedicated to a C-Level audience.

Join us to debate about main technology challenges and the best practices while trying to help your organization move to the Cloud 



agenda & schedule


10:00-10:20 - Keynote Interview: Gil Shwed, Founder & CEO, Check Point Software Ltd. Interviewer: Aviv Frenkel, High-tech entrepreneur, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and TV presenter.

10:20-10:50 - What enterprises and startups should learn from each other (Unicorns Panel). Host: Aviv Frenkel, Panelists: Yiftach Shoolman - Redis Labs, Maty Siman - Checkmarx, Gal Avidan - Google Cloud

10:50-11:05 - AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure. Asi Segal - Amazon Web Services

11:05-11:35 - From one Crisis to another: CIO’s life in 2020-2021 (CIOs Panel).

Host: Lior Georgi - Bank Of Israel, Panelists: Alon Kor - AIG Israel, , Liora Shechter - Clalit Health Services, Elazar Biro - Ness

11:35-11:50 - Meet the Most Open and Secure Public Cloud for Business. 

Uri Hayik & Oran Aish - IBM 

11:50-12:20 - The impact of "Israeli" Regions and the acceleration of digital transformation among the Public Sector (Public Sector Panel). 

Host: Ariel Munafo - IsraelClouds & Marketech Group, Panelists: Shahar Bracha -Government ICT Authority National Digital Ministry, Omer Dagan - IDF, Boaz Maoz - Google Cloud

12:20-12:35 - Lesson learned from EMEA customers adopting a local region. 

Jason Rees - Oracle

12:35-13:05 - The New Normal: What is normal? (CTOs Panel). 

Host: Niv Raz - Harel Insurance & Finance, Panelists: Yonatan Striem Amit - Cybereason, Amir Jerbi - Aqua Security, Tal Shatz & Barak Shrefler - TeraSky & VMware

13:05-13:20 - Data Harmony: Finding the Balance between BI & IT. Itamar Ben Hamo - Rivery

13:20-13:50 - What should every CISO be worried about? (CISOs Panel). 

Host: Jony Fischbein - Check Point Software Ltd, Panelists: Shlomi Avivi - First Digital Bank, Menny Barzilay - Cytactic, Moshe Ferber - Cloud Security Alliance, Israel

13:50-14:00 - Final Summary. Ariel Munafo - IsraelClouds & Marketech Group &

Niv Raz - Harel Insurancerance & Finance

Event Host

Aviv Frenkel

High-tech entrepreneur, journalist,

documentary filmmaker and TV presenter

Keynote Speaker

Gil Shwed

Founder & CEO,

Check Point Software Ltd


Menny Barzilay

Cytactic, Partner

Shahar Bracha

Boaz Maoz

Alon Kor

Chief Information Officer, AIG Israel

Liora Shechter

VP Digital & Technology, Clalit Health Services

Acting CEO, Government ICT Authority

National Digital Ministry

Country Director,

Google Cloud Israel

Tal Shatz

Chief Strategy Officer, TeraSky

Lior Georgi

CIO, Bank Of Israel

Barak Shrefler

Cloud Management Specialist, 


Jason Rees

Vice President, Oracle Technology Cloud, Western Europe.

Yiftach Shoolman

Founder & CTO,

Redis Labs

Amir Jerbi

Co-Founder & CTO, 

Aqua Security

Maty Siman

Founder & CTO


Jony Fischbein

Chief Information Security Officer, Check Point

Shlomi Avivi


First Digital Bank

BG Omer Dagan

Head of Lotem,


Itamar Ben Hamo

Founder, Rivery

Uri Hayik

CTO, IBM Israel

Asi Segal

Head of Enterprise Solutions Architects, Amazon Web Services

Elazar Biro

Director of the Cyber Services Systems,


Oran Aish

Public Cloud Leader, IBM

Gal Avidan

Moshe Ferber

Chairman of the board,

Cloud Security Alliance, Israel

Yonatan Striem Amit

Co-Founder & CTO, Cybereason

Head of Corporate Accounts,

Google Cloud Israel

Steering committee

Ariel Munafo

Founder, IsraelClouds, EuropeClouds  & MarkeTech Group


Mor Eldan

CEO, MarkeTech Group

Niv Raz.jpg

Niv Raz

Chief Technology Officer, Harel Insurance & Finance



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